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The Top 10 Pizza Places in Huntington, NY

Updated: Feb 8, 2021

In New York, you can find good pizza almost anywhere, but New Yorkers want great pizza. Huntington Village, NY is no exception and has tons of local pizza joints within a 10 mile radius giving its residents tons of options to choose from.

From thin crust to flatbreads to cold cheese, Huntington has it all! I polled some of the local residents to find out which ones are really the best and here are the results:

Top Ten Pizza Places in Huntington, NY:

10. SouthDown Pizza: located at 211 Wall St Huntington, NY, you will find Southdown Pizza making dough on Wall Street since 1967! They offer an extensive menu filled with pasta dishes, pizzas, desserts and so much more. They offer specials on Wednesday (pasta special for $6.50) and Thursdays (Pizza Special for $11.95) and tons of pies including the Chicken Bacon Honey Dijon, Buffalo Chicken and even Gluten Free pies as well! For dessert, check out their chocolate dipped cannoli's or Zeppole's!

9. Guiseppe's Pizza: A local cornerstone in the Huntington Station community is Guiseppe's, located at 1727 New York Ave. There you'll find the famous sesame seed crust and sweet sauce that many crave after having their first slice. Guiseppe's prides themselves on using the freshest of ingredients and their fast customer service. Check them out next time you're in the area!

8. Johnny D's: located at 946 New York Ave in Huntington, you will find Johnny D's that opened up in 2005. Becoming a Local favorite is easy when you make delicious pizza with fresh ingredients and Johnny D's has both. They offer specialty pie options like Grandma, Sicilian, Gluten free and even a Low Carb Low Fat Pizza! They even have affordable prices so check them out!

7. Victors Pizza and Pasta House: 712 Walt Whitman Rd. Victors is a long time favorite for Huntington residents because of their perfect New York slice of pizza and their out of this world Garlic Knots. Pair the two together and you may never try another pizza place again!

6. Porto Fino: 395 New York Ave. Porto Fino has become a Huntington staple for not only Pizza, but for their old fashioned recipes and high quality food products. They make a slice of pizza that doesn't fall apart in your hand and has a crust you can't wait to get to! They also make the best garlic knots I have ever had and garlic knots are my thing! Check out their Art Mural you can find on the side of their building.

5. Campania: 235 Broadway Greenlawn Rd, Huntington. I had never heard of this place before I ran my poll and is now top of my list to try for how many people raved about this pizza! They only sell full pies, but I doubt I'll have a problem letting it go to waste!

4. La Nonna's Pizzeria: 75 East Main Street, Huntington. Not only is their Pizza slamming, but you can order it in a ton of ways! Round pie, square pie, Gluten free pie, extra thin pie, specialty pies and even pizza by the slice! They pride themselves on Tradition and you can taste that in every bite!

3. Rosa's Pizza: 313 Main St, Huntington, NY. Our top 3 were a very close race and were only separated by a few votes which is why Rosa's comes in at #3. They offer over 15 types of pies, but their plain cheese slice is really all you need from this Huntington staple. It's one of those thick slices that stays consistent all the way through and has a crust that's soft but crunchy. Rosa's definitely deserves a spot in our top 3.

2. Di Raimo Pizzeria: 76 Wall St, Huntington, NY. Di Raimo is such a Huntington staple that it doesn't even have a website! They are so popular they don't need one! Their slices remind me of the ones you find in Manhattan that draw you in with their smell and you end up ordering 2 slices instead.

  1. Little Vincent's: 329 New York Ave, Huntington, NY. Coming in at Number 1 in our Poll is Little Vincent's, another place that doesn't need a website to help run its business and only sells Pizza. Known for their cold cheese slices and late hours, Little Vincent's has been and always will be a Huntington favorite.

What is your Favorite Pizza place in Huntington, NY? Let us know in the comments!

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