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Best Restaurants for Outdoor Winter Dining in Huntington, NY

Updated: Feb 2, 2021

Outdoor seating has always been popular in warmer months, but since the pandemic hit, its become even more popular in the coldest of months. Heated tents, Igloos and greenhouses are popping up all over in hopes it keeps guests feeling safe, warm and wanting to come dine.

Huntington village is no exception and the Local Restaurants that are topping our charts for outdoor winter dining are:

1,Finley's of Green Street: 43 Green Street Huntington, NY. Not only does Finley's have an outdoor gazebo area with hanging heat lamps, a heated outdoor deck with hanging heaters, but also 2 Heated Igloos! They have tons of indoor seating options, 6ft apart, to ensure safety for all their guests. They also have a new chef, Howard Fay, who transformed their menu into something to talk about!

2.Harbor Mist: located in Cold Spring Harbor, you will find Harbor Mist known for their Steak, Italian and Seafood dishes and overlooks the Harbor for a perfect sunset spot. In summer, they offer tented seating that is open all four sides, but in winter time, they offer 4 heated and lit up Igloos overlooking Cold Spring Harbor to dine outside in. They seat up to 8 guests, but require a spend of $200-$250minimum on the weekdays and a $350 minimum spend on the weekends. Make sure to call in advance to reserve.

3.Konoba: Known for their Croatian Mediterrean Cuisine, Konoba, located in Huntington Village, is a place making safety a priority. Not only have they installed Hepa-13 Filtration and UV light sterilization indoors for your safety, but also offer "Konoba Bubbles" for outdoor dining! To reserve them, you must call the restaurant directly.

4.Kashi: Kashi has 5 locations, but the one in Huntington Village, NY has 2 heated Greenhouses you can sit in right in front of their restaurant. Private and Cozy, these greenhouses offer a great spot for a first date or some much needed alone time for a married couple with kids! Make sure to call ahead to book.

5.Joanina: The inside of Joanina transports you directly to Italy, but if dining inside is not an option for you, they do have a large tent in their parking lot to accommodate those seeking outdoor dining. Make sure to call ahead and make your reservations.

Which places with outdoor dining in Huntington do you think should've made this list? Let us know in the comments!

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