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Soul Brew 

Look by

Jen Salta

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Soul Brew was founded by Kristin Walsh, Jeff and Nicole Petrocelli in 2016.  All three owners were in love with the little things in life that "feed your soul."  Coffee, food, art music, vibe and community.  Soul Brew was was created as a space that would provide communities with a "secret hiding place" to come and feed their souls.  Our mission at Soul Brew is to give others an experience which in turn will make someone's day.  Life can be tough and we are here to become a daily part of someones routine that they actually look forward to.  Bring the community together and smile with all components designed to get Souls a Brewin'!

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Jen Salta is a Huntington based artist and jeweler.  Founder of the jewelry brand Unmarked Industries she spends her days working in metal and her nights unwinding with paint and ink.  Her art across every medium is a window into her mind and the rich world of daydreams that lives there.  She hopes her work can bring others the same sense of joy that she has when creating it.  Check out her work online at

Local Looks/SoulBrew/JenSalta: Image
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