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My name is Maryann DeSimone and I am a born and raised Long Islander!
I am the creator  and CEO of my embroidery business, Interthread Embroidery. I began this journey over 25 years ago from my basement and have grown tremendously since then. Thus leading to multiple moves and to our current location, a store front in Huntington, NY. From the start, some of my main goals for this company were to keep a strong focus on professionalism, customer service and utilizing the power of creativity to bring logos/designs to life. Outside of Embroidery, I am a wife of 23 years to my amazing husband Robert, and a mother to 3 incredible and beautiful daughters, Katia, Darya & Irina. Some of my hobbies include gardening, hiking, biking, Pilates, kayaking and spending time with family and friends. I love spending time outdoors and dream of a simple retirement life near the water some day!


There are 3 things that I believe in and work hard to remind others, every day: the belief that art is not a luxury, the knowledge that we are all creative and the fact that art is magic.
Art is not something you do; it is part of who you are. This belief was ingrained in me by the family of women creatives that I was born into in Barranquilla, Colombia. I consider myself an emerging artist because I am always learning, creating new experiences and discovering new ways to express myself.
My work is a collage of all of the things that inspire, enrage, frighten and make me hopeful. In doing so, my hope is to show that we are more alike than we are different, make a connection with the viewer and find their own interpretation of the images.