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Local Looks into Huntington

Our mission is to pair local businesses with local artists to create an insiders look that highlights what makes them each a local treasure!

This village wide multi-piece installation project will create a new and exciting spotlight onto the artists, businesses, shops and restaurants creating new energy in our destination town.

Local Looks: About
Local Looks: Image
Local Looks: Image

How it Works

-Local Business owners take full responsibility for their landlords for permission to attach the "insider's view: vignette to their building/window before committing to the project.

-The business owner will be responsible for a $200 honorarium to the artist.  Final piece is then owned by the business.

-Once committed, businesses will give a little background on themselves and important characteristics of the business for the artist creating their vignette.

-Artists will apply and be paired to a business with the help of the Local Looks Team.

-The final completed piece can not exceed 12 inches in height and width and no more than 3 inches in depth.  The business owner will approve their vignette sketching before creating.

-The artist will be responsible for seeking out the necessary materials for the project.  Vignettes should be made from weather-resistant materials or sealed as to be weather-resistant and be able to withstand strong winds, rain, snow and ice.

-Vignettes will adhere to the front of the business with a clear silicone adhesive.  This is to provide weather treatment and ease of removal if necessary.

-Vignettes will be installed by the artist and assisted by the local looks team the week prior to October 23rd.

-Kickoff day will be Saturday October 23rd (October 24th rain date) 

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