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About Us 


I was born and raised in Huntington, NY and have worked locally for over 22 years at a Family-Owned Restaurant and Bar.  A few years ago, I pursued a career as a Tour Director where I went on to lead groups of all sizes on trips all over the world.  I am a Traveler, first and foremost, and found a way to combine all my passions and talents into something I loved.  

When the Pandemic hit, my career came to a screeching halt and I was left feeling “grounded as an adult.”  I missed leading groups to local places and researching hidden gems to show them.  I missed telling the stories of the places we would visit that connected the guests to that location.  I missed hearing a group of laughter around me and people being present in a positive moment.  I missed it all.  

The world was different now.  Businesses had been closed for months and then re-opened with tight restrictions making it extremely hard for Local Businesses to survive during and after the Pandemic hit.  I watched some of my favorite places shut their doors forever and wondered what I could do to help.  

As my brain spun in a million directions, I circled back to my passion and talents for leading groups to local places.  I realized that Huntington was the perfect town to create walking tours that could showcase the local businesses. 

I started doing research and within hours, found tons of stories about places I have passed a thousand times and never even knew about! 

I couldn’t wait to share them and show the Locals and Visitors to Huntington all the Hidden Gems and Local Businesses that are the heart and soul of this town.  

Going Local Tours and Experiences was born and I was back doing what I love most…connecting people to local places through tastes, storytelling and laughter. 

Come join us on a Tour or Experience!

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